How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme for your Website

Do you want to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your website? With lots of free and paid options available, there is no doubt that you can feel overwhelmed.

This is because each and every theme looks better than the other. How will you choose the perfect theme? In this guide, I have shared specific things to consider when choosing the perfect WordPress theme for your website:

Strive for Simplicity

Lots of WordPress themes come with flashy animations and complex layouts. Sometimes you can require such things but in most cases you will not require. You should consider looking for a theme that has a layout that supports your business goal. Make sure that the design layout is good but does not compromise on simplicity and usability. The main reason why you should choose a simple design layout is the fact that you will help your audience find information quickly and this will help you achieve your specific goals at the same time. If a specific theme looks great but doesn’t help your users find information around your website, then it’s not a good theme at all.

Responsive is not an option

Regardless of the demographic and topics of your website, you should select a responsive and mobile friendly theme. The best way to test a theme is to copy and paste the URL of your preferred theme in Mobile friendly test page in Google. (

Browser compatibility

Your target users might be using different browsers. You should always remember that your preferred theme might look prefect on your browser but might be broken in other browsers. In this case, you should consider running some basic tests in order to confirm that the theme you have chosen is prefect on different browsers such as Chrome, Internet explorer, Google, Safari, Firefox etc.

SEO friendliness

Themes play a huge role in the SEO friendliness. Good looking themes can still generate poor codes which can affect the performance of your website on search engines. In this case, you should confirm by checking the features of the WordPress theme to confirm that it has already been optimized for SEO.

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